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The first few things you'll want to do when trying to fix your internet speeds you'll want to do yourself. Although it may take more time than starting with our paid services, the learning and money-saving is well worth it.


Confirm Your Service Plan SpeedSometimes the problem is that you're simply paying for slow internet

In the current day and age, high speed internet's definition is a little broad. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) may simply only be giving you a low speed like 6Mbps. Anything less than 15Mbps is usually not enough for a household. Check with your provider, either by calling or going to their website and logging in. See what you're paying for, and if you still feel your net is running slowly, check the next steps.

Check the "Speedtest" step for links to useful internet speed tests. These will help you determine if you're getting the speeds your provider promises.


Hardware Health CheckupLet's refresh out setup

It's important that your devices are restarted frequently. If your computer has been running for a few days without a restart, go ahead and shut it down for a bit. You'll also want to do this with your modem and router. These are the boxes that are plugged into the wall that have those flashing lights that the cable guy instead. You'll want to hit the power button or unplug them for ten seconds or so. This lets all the power dissipate and gives it a nice fresh restart.

If your connection is only slow on one computer, ensure there is enough signal strength. If it's a laptop try it closer to the router. If it's a desktop with a wifi adapter, try running an ethernet cord. If the speeds improve, then it's simply a connection strength issue.  If there is still no improvement, give us a call.


Let's Run Some TestsHere's some nifty tools

Visit real quick, or These sites will give you a pretty accurate result as to the speed you're getting. has some bugs to work out, so typically's should be trusted first.

If you haven't performed the steps in "providers" and "hardware", jump back to whichever one(s) you haven't looked at. These are important, as they solve 95% of speed problems. If those did not work, you should contact us or your provider for more help. Very few of the solutions you find on the internet will be of much help, and it'd be quite a waste of time.

Our Services

We offer services ranging from free phone and email support to professional network installations. If the tools and guides we've provided simply aren't sufficient, you may call us during business hours to get immediate help. More advanced options such as remote PC access and control are available. Short same-day on-site appointments as well as planned projects such as home and business solutions. We work closely with restoration and construction companies, so if you've recently had a structure built or redone, let us know.


Basic technical assistance beyond our free guides is available for free, with up to 15 minutes of phone conversation. Email is always free so go ahead and contact us below. Our more advanced assistance plans are competitively priced to ensure your issues are solved without breaking the bank.

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If you're unable to solve your internet connectivity issues, fill out our form below or give us a shout. We offer basic assistance, no charge. Advanced technical assistance is available at the prices listed above.

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