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If your Internet is running too slow you can save yourself some time and money with a FREE DIAGNOSTIC EXAM:

Find out where the problem is…if the computer is slow at start-up that may have nothing to do with the internet running slow. And if it is doing operations such as word processing, worksheets, playing dvd’s, etc. then the problem has to be in the computer itself.

internet running slow help

Above is from the PC Cleaner site... their program will increase web surfing speed

There is help available: Do the following if your computer is slow when connected or not connected to the internet:

1. GET HELP: Have your computer tested by professionals. They can tell you if the problem is in errors, corrupt files, etc. or your computer’s registry. This test will cost you nothing. PC Cleaner will walk you through what is needed to get your speed back up… no more guessing and wasting your time with other “fixes”. Just click — for the FREE SCAN slow

If your computer runs slower while using your browser and surfing the internet then you may need the internet speed test. It will show you the speed your ISP is giving you for uploads and downloads.

Test 2 below is for testing internet speed NOT your computer’s speed:

2. Test your actual Internet speed. (30 seconds)
Go to Free Internet Speed Test and simply click “Start Test” button. In 30 seconds the test will tell you how fast your Download and Upload speeds are. Most DSL connections minimum speed should be 2.5 mb/s down and .5 mb/s up. Cable connections minimums should be 5.0 mb/s down and 1.2 mb/s up. If you are in a rural area your speed could be slow due to distance from a signal transformer. If your speed is slower than it should be contact your Internet provider.

If neither of these tests showed you the clear solution to the internet running slow (ie. your ISP speed showed to be OK and the registry of you computer did not have many errors that might slow it down) there are some blog articles below that will give you more ideas and information.

But if you have not tried PC Cleaner yet you should do this now. It may save you a lot of time and aggravation.
You can also run PC Cleaner’s Free Scan:

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Internet or Computer That Runs Slow?

The following article by Kim Wilmont has some good ideas that might help also:

It doesn’t matter what you pay for your internet connection there are going to be occasions when the internet runs slow. Being sure it is the internet and not your computer is not always easy. However, once you have determined it is actually the internet causing speed issues then you can begin working on ways to rectify the problem.

So what could cause your internet to run considerably slower than would be considered normal? Below we take a look at some of the causes that result in your internet running slow.

Cause 1 – One of the most common reasons for your internet connection not performing at the correct speed is because there is a virus present on your PC or laptop hard drive. You may not realize that this has occurred because usually such viruses are sent through as attachments to emails. However, to make sure that this does not occur it is a good idea to install some software that can help to identify and remove such viruses before they have a chance to get onto your hard drive. Also if you do have anti-virus software installed on your PC or laptop make sure that you regularly update it.

Cause 2 – Another reason for your internet connection running slower than normal is that you have downloaded programs without realizing it such as Ad-ware or Spy-ware. These programs are often downloaded on to your laptop or PC when you visit certain sites. They do this so that they can actually track your internet activity. The data that they then collect from you is used to help them create a marketing campaign targeted at you or to send you emails. However, by removing these programs you can soon get the speed of your internet connection improved.

Cause 3 - The other reason why your internet is running slowly is that your PC or laptop has a Trojan program infected it. These programs are designed to take control of certain software within your machine. Most of these types of programs will be acquired when you opening an attachment contained in an email. The problem with this particular program is that once it has been able to get hold of certain data within your laptop or PC it is able to send out attachments with it contained inside in emails to anyone whose address is on your hard drive.

Above we have shown some of the causes for your internet running slow, along with installing anti-virus software there are other things you can do. It is worth actually investing in some registry cleaning software products also.

Our recommended registry cleaning product is PC Cleaner.
To learn more about PC Cleaner’s Free Scan:

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Slow Internet Connection Issues

Some thoughts by J. Leger on Internet issues:

Many times when we have problems with a slow internet connection we find we have a computer problem instead. But, I have had slow internet problems before that were exactly that, slow internet. Here I’d like to discuss some personal experiences.

I live in a rural area and had to live with dial-up way too long. So I was not as hard to please as some ISP’s customers I’m sure. After the DSL was available (cable is still not available here) I signed up with a slow speed compared to most DSL services. This was due to the distance (so I was told) from my home to the closest service outlet. I assumed that this was like a transformer for electricity where the power is boosted. (no I’m not a tech!)

The DSL speed was to be equivalent to 1.5 MB/sec. and was about half of the normal “in the city” speed of 3.0. But I was OK with this since I was charged a little less and it was about 5 to 7 times faster than my dial-up. I really can’t imagine now having to live with the speed of dial-up, can you? Anyway in a couple of years my DSL provider was able to offer me the 3.0 MB/sec. service and that was great and is where I am now. Although my office has close to 5.0 and some friends with cable are easily at 7.0 MB/sec (they say).

As for my mechanical slow internet connection problems at my home, they can be traced to two things: water and dog.
Well the dog first: The Internet will not work very fast if your dog has chewed on the wires. In my case it would have been better if the wires are completely broken because then we could have found the problem much faster.
Next the water: It seemed for a long time the Internet service was very slow after a big rain. Apparently there was water getting into the ISP’s controls somewhere and causing this. It took a while but this was finally repaired also.

At my house now I am looking at going completely wireless with my cell phone provider. I am supposed to get as fast of service with it as with my DSL now. And this will eliminate the need for the ground phone line. Yes we are fast doing away with the old ground phones. This is the day of everyone with individual communication… soon gone is the “household” phone.

Hope this little bit of experience can help.

If your problem is not your Internet connection and you have not tried PC Cleaner yet you should do this now. Save yourself money, time, and aggravation.
You should at least run PC Cleaner Free Scan:

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Slow Running Computer

Well maybe you have decided that it is not the internet. Fact is the majority of the time our slow running computer is just that – a slow computer – and not the web or the internet provider’s fault. Many things can cause a slow computer and most of the time it is rather simple.
slow computer

The first thing you do is to download the PC Cleaner’s scanner:


Next you let the scan run and see what it finds:

As you can see PC Cleaner found a lot of problems – 1368 – on this scan. Now your scan will probably different and may be a lot less. But my personal experience has been over 1000 on a couple of “well used” personal computers that were having a lot of problems with being slow, freezing up, etc.

computer slow

Now the next thing to do is:

You must decide if you want to purchase the software and let it straighten out your computer’s errors. If you had, like me and this example, a lot of errors then it will certainly help your computer’s speed and be well worth the price and the little bit of effort.

Yep, the scan is free but the repair is not. But this is a program and a protection that your computer needs everyday. The registry will need to the optimized again soon. The problems that you have now will return. This is a one time purchase with updates as needed for no additional charge.

But the scan is completely free and safe and you should at least run that and see where you stand: For Registry Winner’s Free Scan

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